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Agri Plus

Product Name

Khushhali Agri Plus

Product Detail:

For Loans for Equipment and Allied irrigational tools.

Product Purpose

Khushhali Agri Plus is offered to farmers for the purchase of agricultural machinery and irrigational tools.

Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: 22 – 60 Years
  • Minimum landholding of 3 acres (For tractor financing)
  • Doing business at the same location for the past 1 year
  • Resident of the same location for the past 2 years
  • NADRA CNIC/ SNIC holder
  • Not defaulter of KMBL or other banks

Acceptable Securities

  • For Irrigational Tools
  • Hypothecation/Pledge/Mortgage/Lien Marking/Mix collateral  in case of New equipment and irrigation tools
  • For New & Used Tractors
  • a) Lien Marking (HPA) and Pledge
  • b) Agri. Pass book


6 - 60 months for purchase of new & used Agricultural equipment and tractors financing

Repayment Options

  • Equal Monthly Installments / Quarterly / Semi-annually / Annually* 

*Annual installments are allowed only under those instances if the applicant's cash flow is totally linked with sugar cane

Loan Ticket  (Minimum & Maximum)

PKR. 50,000 to 1,000,000/-

Service charges

28 - 30% APR for Equipment & Allied irrigational tools

24 - 26% APR for new & used tractors