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Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited Celebrated its 19 Years of Brilliance
11 Aug, 2019

Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL) celebrated its 19th anniversary on 11th August, 2019. Since its foundation in the year 2000, the bank has managed to spread its network count to 182 provincial branches, 15 service centers, 16 permanent booths and 11 GPOs; equaling a total count of 224 footprint across the country. KMBL takes pride in being able to facilitate more than 830,000 current micro-entrepreneur borrowers, strengthening the marginalized segment of economic development.

KMBL’s 19 years of commitment and relentlessness was marked by a celebratory event that was conducted to recognize the high achieving individuals and branches that are adding great value to the organization and community. The occasion was also marked by a nation-wide tree plantation drive by all the employees of KMBL. 5,000 employees were provided with tree saplings for them to plant in their close vicinity and to maintain them into fully grown fruit producing trees. These fruit growing trees included those of Guavas, Amlok and Jamun. All employees fulfilled the duties given to them to help enrich the environment.

Our vision is to cater for these individuals by providing them financial opportunities to build themselves as self-sufficient individuals and becoming a part of the economic backbone of our country. Taking our commitment further, KMBL is also stepping foot to numerous digital services and is constantly involved in projects for bringing digital transformation to products and processes. Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited is fully aware of its responsibility of elevating the society through financial inclusion as well as through corporate social responsibility.