Azra Bibi – Turning Adversity into Victory

In a society where being a woman is a tough challenge itself, the journey of Azra Bibi from owning nothing in her hands towards creating jobs is a source of motivation for all of those who have determination of moving forward but have the insecurity of lack of resources. Azra Bibi, having no idea on how she would have to take charge of being the breadwinner of the family, went on a journey of starting her own business venture and becoming food provider for not her own family but for four other families as well...
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Azra Bibi

Robina Bibi: a rural woman’s journey to becoming a micro-entrepreneur

Robina Bibi's amazing story is an example of a woman rising through personal hardships and tragedies to build a life for herself and her family. A simple rural woman, Robina’s story of small business struggles is that of a courageous mother and a true microentrepreneur.
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Gul Hassan: Striving to Succeed

Gul Hassan, achieved the National Runner Up accolade at the 13th Citi PPAF awards, 2019. Gul Hassan availed his first loan in 2015, when he only had five goats and two cows to run his livestock trading business. He belongs to a remote area in the district of Nasirabad, Balouchistan. He has been breeding livestock (Cows, goats and sheep) for over 15 years in a remote, tiny village of District Nasirabad. His scale remained small and income barely enough to sustain his family.
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Turning Dreams Into Reality

Imtiaz Gulzar’s story is another inspiration for women all over Pakistan, which enthuses every woman to be independent and break free from the handcuffs of societal stereotypes. Being a divorcee with limited support from her family, Imtiaz not only raised her two daughters on her own but also established a clothing business from scratch.
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Imtiaz Gulzar

Muhib Ali - A Visionary Entrepreneur

Muhib Ali, resident of District Nasirabad in Balouchistan migrated from Bagh Nari to Nasirabad during Floods of 2012. The floods resulted in extensive damage to his house, property, completely destroying his livestock and the crops sown on rented land. Muhib and his family were rescued by army and transported to Nasirabad where they lived in tents for about six months. Food was provided by government. Muhib started to look around for employment opportunities. He started working on daily wages helping small businesses in the market place which gave him exposure to trading enterprise. He was a hard worker and within a couple of months, he was able to move his family to a rented house.
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Breaking Stereotypes, Building Visions

Parwish is more than just a beautician. She is a success story that inspires every aspiring woman entrepreneur to break the shackles of societal stereotypes and become independent. After overcoming her initial struggles with determination and will, she now runs a beauty salon in Mirpurkhas that has progressed considerably over the past few years. Once just another mouth for her father to feed, she now lives and provides a decent, comfortable and secure life for her family of two.
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Women of Substance

Ten years back, life took a sudden turn for Ishrat Jehan when her husband passed away due to a heart attack. Having led a respectable life, Ishrat did not want to depend on others to sustain her family. She made a bold decision to sell off her house and invest the money in a business. She bought a running parlor in the one of the main business hubs of Islamabad.
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Ishrat Jahan-MSME-Isb

Weaving The Fabric Of Dignity

She used her personal savings to buy a small machine and hired help to knit and sew the caps. For over 14 years now, she has given everything to this business which is the sole source of sustenance of her family.
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Stories that matter

Journey towards prosperity

Fauzia Abuzar’s story is another inspiration for women all over Pakistan. Her desire to run a business was not only because she was a widow, it was to do something on her own and set an example in the society that a woman is capable of running a home and a business successfully even if she is uneducated.
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Journey towards prosperity

Expanding the scope of dreams

Ijaz Husain is a small business owner in Lahore. He runs an embroidery unit in Shahdara in the outskirts of Lahore city. Ijaz Husain takes orders for embroidery of unstitched cloth from famous brands as per their requirement. Business was as usual for Ijaz until load shedding started affecting his business. Due to the power outages, his machines would remain idle for hours thus delaying delivery of committed orders. Not only was he lacking behind production time but was also loosing valued customers.
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