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Journey towards prosperity
Journey towards prosperity

Living in the remote area of Wazirabad, the 59-year-old tells us how one determined woman can take a stand and struggle for her survival. The reason that made her this strong was the tragic death of her husband.


Trusting her instincts and market knowledge that she gained from her competitors, she started off her journey in 2005 by purchasing old furniture, which she decorated or overhauled to sell with a decent profit margin. Initially, she usually sold her products to local females within the community. Moreover, she partnered with a female in the area who contributed greatly towards her success and also helped her overcome all barriers regarding her gender.


Just when her business started growing far and wide, she met a representative from Khushhali Microfinance Bank who offered her a loan plan for expansion. That financial assistance loan empowered her to inflate the furniture business to meet the needs of her growing cohort. It also rehabilitated her trust in herself as an entrepreneur and her vow to work. 


Since 2010 her finance assistance from Khushhali Microfinance Bank made her capable of improving the financial conditions for herself and her children. Motivated by their mother’s continuous persistence for their wellbeing, her children are now earning side by side with Fauzia and are enthused to establish their own businesses. Thus, her entire family as of now is working and earning well.


At present, Fauzia has hired many local vendors (carpenters) to renovate and decorate the old furniture that she purchases to sell. Furthermore, she has a few females with her who are responsible to stitch covers for sofas and other furniture.


Not only has her business helped her overcome her financial condition, but it contributed to her social community by has also generating many employment opportunities in her area for various carpenters and women tailors. In times like these, it is advisable for women to stand on their own feet and be strong enough to get up and face the world with courage. Fauzia’s next goal is to build her own furniture showroom very soon.


As a housewife with six fatherless kids and deep financial crisis to emerge out from, she has inspired a lot of other women like her who are facing similar problems. Being a widow, she is a role model for all such women.