Wonder Women of Khushhali- Shaheen Munawar

Shaheen’s cellphone rang in the middle of the night with her husband’s name flickering on the screen. She answered the phone to news that shattered her world—a strange voice asking her to come and identify her husband’s body. Shaheen’s husband had left the family home in Johar Morr, Karachi that evening to pick up medicine for their son. On his way back, he was cut down by a stray bullet intended for someone else. Shaheen hung up the phone to a new reality; she was a widow and her five children were fatherless.
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Banking for Prosperity- Govind

Govind, a father of three, was one among the millions of Pakistanis living in poverty. A native of Sindh, his life had been spent struggling to provide three square meals a day for his family. When he was a boy, Govind learned early on the disappointment and struggle that comes with poverty. Govind recalls the time when as a child he aspired to become a school teacher. Tough financial times and responsibilities at home deprived him of the opportunity. Coming from a minority community didn’t help matters much.
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Stories that matter- Wazeeran Bibi

Standing in a farm, the 45-year-old Wazeeran bibi tosses corn kernels in the air. As the chickens circle around her she sighs but a smile inevitably appears on her lined face. The sigh does not even begin to reflect her difficult journey, yet the smile is a testament to Wazeeran bibi’s confidence in her future.
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Wazeeran Bibi

Khalida Mustaqeem

Since she was a child, she would create beautiful colorful pieces of chunri (traditional tie-dye) which women of her area bought and wore on special occasions. Little did she know that this skill would pull her through life. This 35 years old resident of Abbas Nagar near Bahawalpur is an owner of a small business today, and is helping support her husband and four children lead a better life.
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Shabana Sarwar - The go-getter

Shabana Sarwar’s primary school is up and running. Residing in Mughalpura, Lahore, Shabana Bibi is a role model for those who envision use their education as their armour. Some financial crisis at home instigated her to contribute to her children’s education and help her husband.
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Shabana Sarwar

Hafeez Bibi - Bahawalpur

Hafeez Bibi, a resident of Bahawalpur, is a well known and respected figure in the society for to her art of crafting ethnic woolen bed linen. Her prowess is not only known in the local town but buyers from other parts of the district also place orders with her owing to her creative and unique touch. Hafeez Bibi dedicates her success to her family members and Khushhali Microfinance Bank who supported her financially in the hour of need.
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Musarat Bukhari - The Dreamer

With ladies bustling in and out of Fareeha Beauty Parlour, Musarat Bukhari looked more than just satisfied. But such were not her financial conditions five years ago. Musarat Bibi who runs a Fareeha Beauty Parlour in a small neighborhood of old Lahore had the expertise but no means to achieve here dream of setting up a beauty salon; and with husband limited salary as a railway employee, she could not see her three daughters going to private schools.
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Musarat bukhari

Inspiration for many - Hina Mohsin

Hina Mohsin is more than just a beautician. She is a success story that inspires every woman to break the shackles of societal stereotypes and be independent. After struggling at first, she now runs a beauty salon that has only progressed in last three fiscal cycles. Once just another mouth for her father to feed, she now lives and provides a decent, comfortable and secure life to her family.
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Shakeela Bibi

Shakeela Bibi wife of Taj Hussain lives in Mohallah Morie Havellin, Abbottabad. She grew up in a household sustained by the livestock business and caring for animals remains to date a passion for her. Her other passion since childhood was to study at a school which could not materialize due to the financial instability the family stayed in and out of.
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Irshad Bibi - Bahawalpur

Irshad bibi, a resident of Bahawalpur is well known and respected for her pottery work and beautifully painted pitchers in the area. Her work is not only appreciated at the town level but dealers from main Bahawalpur City are buyers of her products.
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Irshad Bibi